Long-Term Goals

The long-term objective of the proposed center is to achieve in-depth theoretical understanding of key phenomena in linguistics and neuroscience. More specifically, studies will focus on the following directions.



-To verify the conjecture that prosody plays a decisive role in the process of acquisition of a grammar.
-To show that Portuguese underwent a grammatical change triggered by a prosodic change.



-To verify the conjecture that during REM sleep there exists a reverberation of the neural activity observed during awakeness.
-To verify that the pattern of neuronal interactions characterizes different behavioral states.


Mathematics and Computer Science:

-To develop a full theory of variable-length processes and variable-range fields.
-To design a wide family of algorithms for model selection and estimation, and to perform a comparative study of convergence rate, power and limitations of each of the different algorithms.
-To extend and adapt the regularity method and the theory of graph limits to make it applicable to general families of graphs.
-The goal is to retrieve linguistic dependencies of graphs describing interacting neurons or clusters of neurons.


Mid-Term Goals

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